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By Your Pontypridd 22 Sep, 2017

On 21st September 2017, Rhondda Cynon Taf’s Cabinet approved the Strategy Opportunity Areas Report which contains five areas in the county borough earmarked for development.  

They five are

  • Cynon Gateway – Energizing the Region
  • The Wider Pontypridd, Treforest – Edge of the City, Heart of the Region
  • Pontypridd Town – Pivotal in the Region
  • A4119 Corridor: Regional Rhondda Gateway
  • Llanilid on the M4: Driving the Regional Economy

We’re pleased that Pontypridd has been chosen and its importance recognised in revitalising the town and wider borough. Some of the projects are already underway for Pontypridd Town

RCT County Borough Council have stated that 'the integrated programme for the Pontypridd town centre will deliver economic growth within the Cardiff City Region and the Valleys'. The projects that could potentially make up the integrated programme for Pontypridd are as follows: 

1. Redevelopment of the Taff Vale Site  office led development due to start early 2018.

 2. Taff Vale/Ynysangharad Park Link Bridge to link the town with the Lido, aimed at encouraging visitors to the area, feasibility has begun. 

3. A wider plan/strategy for car parking within the town will be considered and developed, with a focus on Gas Road Car Park, and in conjunction with Taff Vale site and the link bridge, the opportunities for Gas Road will be explored in terms of parking and new options. 

4. Developing the Taff Riverside Walk to make the most of the riverside environment and encourage visitors

5. Redevelopment of Goods Yard Car Park / Berw Road Car Park & Pontypridd Bus Station, exploring the opportunity for an integrated transport hub and further economic development. 

6. Ynysangharad War Memorial Park Development and Restoration working with Heritage Lottery Fund to develop restoration scheme including a horticulture centre, building on the success of the National Lido of Wales. 

7. Pontypridd YMCA scheme well developed, enabling works commenced and funding in place, for the delivery of the mixed use arts led project.

8. Town Centre Property Investment Programme -  building on EU and Welsh Government funded improvement programmes, work with partners to secure a further programme and deliver projects.

9. Redeveloping the former Marks And Spencer Store on Taff Street, working with partners to develop a mixed use housing scheme.

10. The former Bingo Hall Redevelopment work with partners to develop a mixed use scheme.

11. Pontypridd Indoor Market – redevelopment and refurbishment work with partners to develop a 21st Century Market, and also enables other mixed use development.

12. Former Co-Op Site on Mill Street/Church Street work with partners to develop a mixed use scheme to maximise the economic value of this underused site.

13. The Sardis Road Car Park offers considerable scale on the edge of the town, to develop a variety of uses, incorporating car parking for the town at current levels.

14. Former Magistrates Court redevelopment for homes with potential for flats for supporting living and care provision.

15. Sardis House use for offices and potential for redevelopment for hotel and other uses.

16. Dewi Sant project will have a phased redevelopment of the current buildings with a significant investment to provide a modern healthcare facility.

17. Pontypridd Development Sites to the west and south of the town centre these sites offer a range of development potential.

18. Cwm Colliery and Cokeworks Site to the south west of Pontyprid, the currently derelict site offers a major opportunity for the provision of new housing.

19. Treforest Broadway Enhancements this gateway to the town offers residential improvement opportunities which need to be developed in partnership.

The full report with details of the five areas and projects  is here 

By Your Pontypridd 21 Sep, 2017

Your Pontypridd BID launched a new student Discount Card at the University of South Wales, Treforest Campus on Tuesday, 19th September. 

25 Pontypridd businesses including clothes retailers, florists, sports retailers, restaurants, cafe's, hairdressers, opticians, nightclubs, mobile phone shops, nightclubs, shoe shops, organic food shop, osteopath, physiotherapists, stationers, music shop and are offering a range of discounts for students.

Part of BID’s remit is to promote Pontypridd’s businesses and help increase footfall and sustainability, it’s good news that we spoke to more than 900 hundred students and gave away 890 cards.                                                                                         

BID Manager Victoria Pulman and James Payne met with Vice Chancellor Julie Lydon at the Fresher Fair; she said she was keen to see more joint working between the University and the BID which is good news for businesses, the University and students.

We're lookiing forward to seeing more students in town using their cards and spending and saving money with all the participating businesses.

If any BID business is interested in participating in the scheme contact the Your Pontypridd team on

If you’re a student at the University of South Wales and would like a card please send your name, address and student number to and we’ll post it out to you.

By James Payne 12 Sep, 2017
We spoke to Alan Humphreys this week who runs Avant Theatre Company along with Rachel Pedley-Miller and is on the BID's Marketing & Promotion committee , Alan has been working as the  Community and Outreach Development Officer for the YMCA on their memories project. We spoke about what to expect in the upcoming exhibition, and Alan's thoughts on Pontypridd and the Business Improvement District. 

Can you tell us about the upcoming exhibition in the YMCA

The project team has been going through the archives left in the YMCA, and we've discovered lots of photos and spent a lot of time digitalising the  images to create a huge database of all the key memories and events in the town. My role as the Community and Outreach Development Officer was to go out and find people who have used YMCA in the past, we are delighted that there will be 10 major stories which will be exhibited at the Lido. 

The exhibition involves stories from across Pontypridd, are there any that we should be looking out for?

One person we spoke to was part of the boxing club at YMCA, said that boxing helped him discover values and learn discipline, the YMCA wasn't sure originally if contact sport would work, this man's trainer would go to end of the earth once driving all those involved up to Bargoed in a small car to participate in a boxing match. We also spoke in depth with Elizabeth Williams - a former chairperson and another who's uncle was invovled when the boys club was formed, there was also a lady who referred to going to the YMCA in the 1980's - so there was stories from different periods. 

We selected four short stories and took them to Coed-Y-Lan Primary School and asked the children to draw pictures  of the story, which were then animated using a animation company from Caerphilly, these will be on display at the exhibition. There will be another video from a local filmmaker who will share memories of Pontypridd.

From my point of view it’s great to see what Pontypridd was like,  and now seeing it with new eyes. It's great to see  the importance of the YMCA as it was a key place for people to go – many of the people met their partners there. Hopefully there will be a lot of interest in the exhibition. I will be very interested to see what was in there when I was growing up.

It’s exciting to see the new YMCA will be developed after previous uncertainty, people in the town are very hopeful to see what it is going to become.

What are your hopes for the YMCA and Pontypridd for the future?

I personally feel more involved in Pontypridd than I ever have been. Pontypridd could become a very exciting area with the Taff Vale & YMCA developments. It’s really exciting to see new jobs coming to the area. From the arts and YMCA’s view – people will use Pontypridd in the future because it’s in such a strategic location, it would be great to encourage arts venues and societies to work together rather than be competitive and to have cooperation. It's good to see that the Muni is putting a focus as a music venue, and hopefully they will keep getting more and more exciting acts for people to see. It's great to see Pontypridd have many new businesses including the Soul Spice in the Market - it's important that we don't get stuck in the old ways, I'm very hopeful for Pontypridd. 

What do you like about Pontypridd, and what would you change?

Pontypridd has a lot of options and a lot to offer, the town centre can be improved – however you’ve got several national stores and all the major banks and there are plenty of pubs. There are areas that could be cleaned and modernised.

It would be good to see businesses be more technologically advanced, by having the option of contactless payment, and it would be very exciting to see an advertising screen in town to help advertise whats going on in the area. The biggest key is communication, the challenge is making sure everyone knows what is going on. The Your Pontypridd BID website could become the key element in making sure people are informed, it’s a wider issue in the county – there’s a lack of a central point where you can access the key information.

The app would be an excellent idea if the BID proceed with the idea in the future. The Lido has become a very key to the attraction in Pontypridd, it’s excellent value for money and the park remains an important part of the town. I would like to see if the theatre above the market could be refurbished, it would be a huge project but it would be excellent to bring it back to the community. 

Did you know anything about Business Improvement Districts before Your Pontypridd?

I was not aware of BIDS before Your Pontypridd. The first I heard of it was when I spoke to Terry Chinn from Clwb Y Bont. I think the purpose of BIDS is to help restore towns and cities that may have been affected by a lack of funding, in theory it’s a great idea as it gives the business community a voice, it’s interesting to see what BIDS prioritise in terms of what projects they do. The most important thing is that the arts community can contribute – older views and politics sometimes get in the way of the best ideas. The more stuff that happens, the more people become involved.

What do you think of Your Pontypridd and it’s impact so far?

I believe the parking offer  is great. Its refreshing to see somebody else trying to do something in the town, who can do implement different ideas. It would be good if events and promotion could go hand in hand, any way to advertise the Your Pontypridd brand needs to be considered, and be as creative as possible. The BID are key to changing the perception at the University, making Pontypridd a place to visit, hopefully the Student Card will attract students. I would like to see free train travel between Pontypridd and Treforest to encourage students to travel into the town. The fact that the conversations can be had about ideas without interruption is a great thing, and will help restore Pontypridd’s reputation.  In general I think it’s positive, as it encourages different ideas and gets many different people involved. 

How do you see YMCA and the arts and creative sectors and BID working together in future?

It's great for the YMCA & the arts community to engage to be able to feed into ideas, it’s always good to have local artists performing in events, promotion is very important – the venues linking together would be good. Its key to have quality, but to also consider the local people and groups who could be involved, it’s important to build communication with the BID. The YMCA has a long way to go until the final stages of the development, the BID can play a key role in promoting that and helping them when the YMCA building relaunches. 

Many thanks to Alan for speaking with us, 

Alan and Rachel run the Avant Theatre Company based in the Rhondda and have several upcoming projects working with RCT Theatres including a live soap opera & hip hop dance project. Avant have also been working on a project in the Museum – gathering stories about life in the Rhondda during World War I.  

For more information visit -

The Pontypridd YMCA Memories Exhibition will be held at Pontypridd Lido Visitors Centre, between the 16th and 29th of September, between 10am - 4pm! For more information about the YMCA and their refurbishment of their current building visit -  - you can also like them on Facebook -  or follow them on Twitter  

By James Payne 07 Sep, 2017

Announcing Pontypridd’s Newest Music Festival #LINKFest17

Your Pontypridd BID is pleased to announce our LINK Festival 2017 on 6th, 7th, 8th October 2017 in Pontypridd.

We’re excited to be working with 12 venues in the town over the first weekend in October to bring live music back and keep the town’s strong music tradition alive.  

We’ve got a mix of well-established acts and local talent, we’ve got bands, solo artists and DJ’s and music for all tastes including Soul, Rock, Indie, dance, pop and traditional welsh folk.

Merthyr rockers Pretty Vicious will be headlining the Muni Arts Centre on Friday 6th October along with CHROMA, Tracy Island & The Pitchforks supporting - Tickets are on sale now price £8 at the Muni -

Tracy Island are also playing an instore show at Terry's Music  in Church Street at 4pm on Friday 6th October 

The Sam-Antonio Freeway are playing the Tumble Inn (Wetherspoons) on Broadway from 5.30pm with free entry and Clwb Y Bont hosting Henry’s Funeral Shoe's Aled Clifford and the Mahouts Dorian Holmes from 7.30pm, £5 entry on the door. 

The night finishes at Club Ice in Broadway with a Rock DJ Set from 11.30am to 12.30pm! 

If you’re after an early start on Saturday head over to Pontypridd Museum for the FREE Good Vibrations Sounds & Science Exhibition from 10am till 4.30pm. 

Music starts on Saturday 7th at The Blueberry Inn as they host soul singer Eadyth Crawford from 7pm and local band the Duplicates are playing in Alfred’s Bar & Grill from 8.30pm both are free entry.

Cardiff band ACAB are performing at the Soul Suite on Saturday 7th from 10.30pm, tickets £3 on entry!

Rounding off Saturday night is DJ Jess Bays at Platform 11 from 11.30pm, tickets £5 entry or buy them in advance >

On Sunday 8th October Costa Coffee kick off with two acts from 3pm – 5pm, country/blues/Americano singer songwriter Bryony Sier and local traditional singer Cara Cullen, entry is free.

To close the festival , Sports & Live Music Bar The Skinny Dog are hosting contemporary pop , soul and blues band, Jenny and the Beans from 7pm to 10pm, entry is FREE.


As this is the first year Your PontypriddBusiness Improvement District will have 100 wristbands to give away, 25 for the Muni Arts Centre, 50 for the Soul Suite and 25 for Platform 11 which give you free entry to those venues with details above. 

So follow us  on Facebook,  & Twitter and check the website in the next few weeks for details of how to win one!

For more information contact Victoria Pulman, BID Manager and James Payne, Projects Coordinator on 01443 244190 or email   and

By James Payne 31 Aug, 2017
Your Pontypridd BID are delighted to announce the new student card initiative which will be launched at the University of South Wales Freshers Fayre, on Tuesday 19th September at Treforest.   

New students coming to the University will have their chance to get a Your Pontypridd Student card from our stall, and will be able to enjoy discounts from various businesses across the town. We hope to build a strong connection with the new students and show them what Pontypridd has to offer! 

We would like to thank Alfreds, Churchills, Clwb Y Bont, EE, Flowers By Design, Gwynns Opticians, Harvest Books & Crafts, Holland & Barrett, KooKoo Madame, Lazarou Hair & Beauty Salon, New Look, New York Pancake Department, Organic Wholefood and Homebrew, Q Kitchen, Performance Physiotherapy, Fone Solutions, Pontypridd Osteopathic Clinic, Pontypridd Embroidery Valleys Sports, Club Ice, Princes, Shoe Zone, Sugar and Spice, Terrys Music, The Tumble Inn (Wetherspoons), WH Smiths for participating in the initiative, we're aiming to get more BID businesses putting on great offers for students, keep an eye out for the new Student Discount section on our website which will be published soon, which will show all current offers in the town, and will be regularly updated with new offers . Students will also be required to show valid student ID in conjunction with student card! 

If you know someone who's starting at USW and who will be attending the Freshers Fayre, tell them to come and see the Your Pontypridd team and get their student card to enjoy great offers! 

By James Payne 29 Aug, 2017
Schoolchildren in Rhondda Cynon Taf return to school next Monday, 4th September. Have a look at the places below in the town to get all the essentials needed: 

By James Payne 23 Aug, 2017

Looking for something to do this week and bank holiday weekend, why not come to Pontypridd there's something for everyone!


Have a look what's on below! 


GTFM’s BL & MG ROVER WELSH GET TOGETHER in Ynsangharard Park on Monday 28th August

Tribute Acts in the Park at Rhondda Heritage Park (Tickets £7.50)


Oasis Experience Tribute Band in the Muni Arts Centre  (Tickets £10 )

Side Effects live at Alfreds Bar and Grill from 9pm! (£3 Entry)  


Clwb Y Bont Open from 4.30pm Friday and from 12.30pm onwards Saturday and Sunday. Ar agor trwy'r gwyl banc. Enjoy their regular Friday night singalong in the bar, or chill out on their river terrace."Cyfrinach orau Pontypridd" plus Kareoke on Sunday evening, am ddim.


Platform11 presents 006 JACKY

11 DJ's over 2 floors for the last Bank Holiday of the Summer Sunday August 27th doors open 5pm until 3am!



Interactive Quiz Night tonight at The Tumble Inn 8-11pm - £1 per person! 


Sound Sensation & On The Rocks at Club Ice (Bank Holiday Sunday at Club Ice Pontypridd. All Draught pints from only £2.20. Selected bottles from £1.50)


Pontypridd Museum Summer Crafts


Pontypridd Museum Cor Meibion Choir Exhibition


Pontypridd Rugby Club playing Bedwas on Sat 26th Sardis Road  2.30pm


The Patriot Bar ‘Happy Hour’ 1-2pm and 5-6pm before and after the Pontypridd vs. Bedwas game – 50p off a pint!


Ponty Town FC v Aberdare FC on Saturday 26th USW Sport Park, Treforest


You can also park for £1 all day Saturday in Sardis Road & Berw Road and shop till you drop or enjoy a delicious lunch with friends and family in one of the great cafe's and restaurants in town.


If you're feeling more energetic why not go for a swim in the LIDO Ponty (booking required) or enjoy a stroll in Ynysangharad Park! 

If you know of any other events in the town centre this weekend, which you would like to promote, please contact! 


So what are you waiting for get planning your Bank Holiday weekend now!

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