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Terry's Music
After opening first in Treorchy, Aberdare and Tonypandy, Terry's Music quickly moved to Pontypridd's open market, offerring a vast range of CD's, DVD's, Vinyl’s, merchandise and much more.
 Terry's Music quickly moved into Pontypridd Indoor market. The Music Store has quickly grown, becoming one of the more well recognised independent music stores in Pontypridd and across the South Wales region. 
 In 2014, Terry finally settled into a store located on Church Street, which allowed him to expand the not only the range of high quality musical instruments and items but has also provided a supportive hub for the local music community.
 Mentioned in the Book by Graham Jones, “Last Shop Standing: Whatever Happened to Record Shops?” and adored by Musicians and fans alike, Terry’s Music Store has become local treasure for the local and wider community.

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